Quality and Anti-Bribery Policies

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Drebbel de México has established the following commitments:

  • Provide inspection and underwater construction services with ROV equipment, engineering and dredging, for the Oil Industry.
  • Periodically establish quality, industrial safety, occupational health, environmental protection and anti-bribery objectives
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions that prevent injuries and deterioration of health, based on the nature of the risks and their opportunities for Safety and Health at Work.
  • Taking care of the facilities and the environment, prioritizing avoiding occupational injuries and illnesses and commitment to the fight against corruption of all employees.
  • Comply with the applicable requirements, as well as the legal ones and others that are signed related to eliminating hazards, reducing risks for Occupational Health and Safety, environmental aspects and impacts of the activities, products and services of the organization.
  • Commitment to updating and continuous improvement of the comprehensive management system, taking better control of performance measurement, quality, safety, health at work, environment and anti-bribery system of the organization.
  • Disseminate mechanisms for the consultation and participation of Workers, to contribute to Safety and Health at Work.
  • Measure the level of awareness of the company's employees' anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies